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The station description files of Profinet devices enable them to be integrated in the engineering systems of the controllers. In this way, all devices and parameters of controller networks can be created, maintained from a single system and saved. The system does not allow this in-depth integration for IO-link devices. Either manufac?turer specific software is required for this configuration or a solution must be programmed via the controlleroften involving consider?able programming effort. SIDI from Turck now provides help here:

The new function in Turck's IO-link masters enables IO-link devices to be integrated directly in a Profinet engineering software such as the TIA Portalallowing also the display of all device properties and plain text access to the device parameters.



IO-link masters with SIDI (Simple IO-link Device Integration) give IO-link devices the identity of a genuine Profinet module with its own GSDML entry; the function simplifies the engineering of IO-link devices in projects with Profinet controllers, since it allows access to all parameters and device properties from the engineering system without the need for additional software shortfall with regard to the integration of IO-link devices in Profinet systems. A GSDML file (generic station description markup language) is supplied with every Profinet device. This enables the control pro?grammer to already plan and parameterize the device in the project offline (mostly in the TIA Portal), before the project is really integrated with the network and the connected devices. These two processes can initially be carried out independently, particularly in large projects.

Manufacturers of IO-link devices do not equip them

with their own GSDML file, and the device description comes in the form of an IODD (IO-link device descrip?tion). The Profinet engineering software cannot therefore detect the devices directly. The user has so far been forced to enter properties such as device class or manufacturer ID manually. Parameters such as measuring ranges and output signals had to be programmed or set via additional software.

Wanted: integration helper for IO-link

What has so far not been mentioned in the eulogies:

IO-link also has its limits. There has particularly been a more@TURCK 1 | 2019 22 | 23

involved and the great deal of know-how required for this, this solution is also error-prone. Not to mention the problems encountered by service technicians with projects which were configured with different tools

SIDI integrates IO-link devices in GSDML filesTurck identified this weakness in IO-link early on and has already been working on its SIDI function for several years. IO-link devices are entered here as Profinet submodules in the GSDML of the IO-link masters.

As an IO-link member from the very begin?ning, the company is now equipping its IO-link master in a block module design (in IP20 and IP67)

with the SIDI function. Anyone integrating one of these IO-link masters in a Profibus project can immediately use the connected IO-link devices as Profinet modules.

Turck integrates all its proprietary IO-link devices in the SIDI library, as well as the devices of its strategic partner for optical sensors, Banner Engineering.

The first IO-link devices of third party manufacturers are also already included. More devices of other manufac?turers are expected to be included in the SIDI library in future. For this, each device to be included must first be tested rigorously in order to ensure the smooth operation and the user-friendliness of the tool. Turck is also willing to integrate the devices of third party manufacturers on requestparticularly those that are not included in the portfolio of the automation specialist. Turck has benefitted in the development of SIDI from its experience as manufacturers of IO-link

masters and devices. This double expertise is rare to find in the automation sector.

SIDI enables IO-link

devices to be integrat?ed directly in a Prof?inet engineering software such as the TIA Portal. The soft?ware can now be used on Turck's TBEN-S and TBEN-L IP67 IO-link masters as well as the IP20 variant FEN20

SIDI allows IO-link devices to be selected from the hardware catalog exactly like Profinet

Modules settings via a USB adapter. Consistent offline access from the office desk to all device data therefore saves a lot of time in large projects compared to integrating

IO-link without SIDI. The wiring of pure IO-link projects is basically childs' play for fitters and electronic technicians.Simple maintenance: Plug and play device replacement

world also for IO-link installations, Turck as an automa?tion manufacturer is trying to make the IO-link standard attractive for die-hard Profinet fans.

Author | Aurel Buda is product manager factory automation

systems at Turck

Web code | more11971e

The Profinet nodes are added in the device tree and

selected normally from the library of the TIA Portal.

Offline engineering is now also entirely possible with

IO-link devices. The devices therefore no longer have

to be available on the PLC programmer's desk. Pro?grammers also no longer have to visit each device in

advance with the laptop in order to enter the necessary


- Full configuration of IO-link devices directly from the Profinet

engineering systems

- No additional software required for configuring IO-link

- Intuitive operation and entry in plain text

- All devices in one project location

- Fast commissioning of large projects thanks to offline engineering

- Configuration-free device replacement of master and devices,

since all parameters are kept in the controller itself


SIDI operates with

different engineer?ing systems since

it is based on

standard Profinet


The parameters of the IO-link devices can be set directly from the engineering system


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