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In the first quarter of 2023, China's exports to the EU reached 506.3 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 25%, accounting for 17.6% of China's total exports. imports from the EU reached US $389.42 billion, up 15% year on year, accounting for 13.5% of China's total imports. The trade surplus between China and the EU was US $116.88 billion, up 35% year-on-year. The EU has become China's largest trading partner in the first quarter of 2023, and China and the EU have formed a strong economic symbiosis.


为了欧洲品牌原厂、在华子公司或在华办事处更好地拓展亚洲市场,打造 “Made in Europe” 品质,明年SPS广州智能制造展将规划“欧洲展团”,为欧洲企业创造更多商机。

For European brands, subsidiaries or offices in China to better expand the Asian market and create a "Made in Europe" quality, SPS Guangzhou 2024 will plan a "European pavilion" to create more business opportunities for European companies.



加入欧洲展团福利Benefits of the European Pavilion:

- 贸易配对活动Business match-making events

- 定制宣传单页Customized promotional flyers

- 现场国内买家采购团onsite domestic buyer delegation visit to the booth


展品范围Main topics:

控制技术   Control technology

电气驱动及运动控制 Electric drives/motion control

传感技术  Sensor technology

连接技术  Interface technology

工业机器人 Robotization

机器视觉  Industrial image processing

软件与IT  Software & IT in manufacturing

机械基础设施  Mechanical infrastructure

工业通讯  Industrial communication

人机界面装置  Human-machine-interface devices

工业计算机装备  IPCs

低压开关设备  Low voltage-switching devices


部分历届欧洲品牌展商 Participating European brands over the years

*以上品牌排名不分先后 (Partial list, in no particular order)




Sign up for the European pavilion, multiple advertising to help your brand exposure .

Invite you to participate in media interviews. More onsite advertising, catalog advertising opportunities.

高品质展台配置High-quality stand facilities:

·       展台背板及侧板搭建,地面铺设地毯Stand partitions, wall-to-wall carpet

·       1张会议圆桌,3把椅子,1个展示柜,1个信息台,1个衣帽室,1个纸篓,1个插座

1 round table, 3 white folding chairs, 1 glass showcase, 1 lockable cubicle, 1 waste basket, 1 power socket

·       免费无线网络Free access to WIFI

·       公司名称楣板Fascia with company name and booth number

·       信息台logo标牌制作1 information counter, including front company logo print


参展收费标准 Participation fee

·       标准展台(9平方起订)Standard Booth (minimum 9 sqm) 
人民币 1,390元 每平方米CNY 1,390 / sqm

· 光地展台(18平方起订)Raw Space (minimum 18 sqm) 

人民币1300元 每平方米CNY 1,300 / sqm 
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