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丹麦ORBITAL成立于1978年,主要产品有丹麦ORBITAL风向标、风速仪、风力控制器等全系列产品  。
Orbital has been developing and producing electrical control systems since 1978. Focusing specifically on the energy sector, Orbital found a profitable niche market for wind turbine control systems and biomass combustion control. To meet the increasing demand of reliability, performance and wide range applicability for our control systems, Orbital currently invests in the latest technologies. Today Orbital delivers control systems worldwide and our export ratio is increasing continuously. Orbital technology can be used for various industrial applications; therefore we can offer our customers a wide range of “tailor suited” products Ongoing research and development has an immense importance for Orbital. This will make our control systems an even better investment. In addition the customers benefit from our extensive know-how within process control, design of electronic control modules and monitoring systems. The future offers a tremendous market potential for Orbital products, especially since renewable energy provides an important and necessary contribution to the protection of our environment.
Wind energy Control systems for wind turbines and meterology stations. IEC-2 Controller System Profibus interfaced Wind Turbine control modules with high performance and flexible solutions for a wide range of control and monitoring tasks. Profibus DP interface. Minimize number of control modules. Programmable parameter values. Datasheet Compact DIN-RAIL snap-on mounting. Low cost, easy to install. TMC Controller This microprocessor based wind turbine controller is exclusively designed for smaller wind turbines and retrofit applications ranging from 5,5 kW to 250 kW. Applicable for grid connected, stall controlled turbines with 1 or 2 generators. 24 Digital inputs (3 Hi speed inputs). 3 Current inputs. 3 Voltage inputs. Low cost, easy to install. Datasheet 2 PT100 inputs. 8 Relay outputs. 8 Open collector outputs. (Optional) 3 phase thyristor trigger outputs. Anemometer For measuring the wind speed. PNP or NPN digital output. Short circuit protected. Start wind >1,0 m/s. Datasheet Windvane For yaw regulation of wind turbines. PNP or NPN digital output. Short circuit protected. Start wind >1,5 m/s. Black/white detection. Datasheet Windvane - 64 sectors Used in meterology stations for indicating the wind direction. PNP digital output. Short circuit protected. Start wind >1,5 m/s. Resolution 5,6o.

    丹麦ORBITAL主要产品:风向标, 风速仪,风力控制器等
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