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Axor Ind. Is a world leading servo-drive and servo-motor manufacturer providing first-class solutions in today’s motion control industry. Founded in Vicenza (Italy) in 1988, Axor has become synonymous with reliability, cost-effectiveness and customized application servo solutions. Axor’s core value lies in providing not only standard, but also a completely customized range of servo applications. Major investments in facilities, technologically advanced equipment and quality control processes are representative of our commitment to excellence. The ability for timely responses to customer requirements has been paramount to Axor’s success. Our staff is constantly developing innovative technology. Creative design, automated production and ISO 9001 compliance combine to create efficient products that have maximum power output in the smallest possible packages. From Day one, Axor has focused on the principle that people-to-people accessibility, along with superior technical expertise is key to allowing customers to bring new and innovative products to the marketplace. In addition to product support, Axor also provides application engineering support. The applications department uses its direct access to the Axor design teams to ensure that customer concerns and market trends are adhered to rapidly and efficiently. Access to our applications team is only a phone call or an email away. At Axor we firmly believe in providing customers with superior products, which is confirmed by an annual decrease in products returning for warranty repairs. In order to provide customer’s with added service, Axor’s product offering doesn’t end with motors and drives. We also provide accessories that compliment the completion of servo systems. Power supplies, shunt regulators, line filters, cables, and additional products allow us to provide an “in-house” per-tested, better performing servo system. Axor’s has extensive experience in designing affordable standard, and customized products specifically for OEM requirements. We do single boards with capabilities that include but are not limited to multiple axis’, wide power ranges, small dimensions, pre-specified connections, additional machine/process control circuitry, creative packaging, various I/O, etc. all to maximize the customer’s performance capabilities. Axor’s customer’s are able to interact with a team that not only listens to their wants and needs, but also understands system integration. The end result is always customer satisfaction and high value solutions.AXOR无刷伺服驱动器、AXOR无刷伺服驱动器代理、AXOR无刷伺服驱动器特价、AXOR无刷伺服驱动器批发、AXOR无刷伺服驱动器厂家、上海AXOR无刷伺服驱动器

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