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瓦特公司在德国、奥地利拥有两家世界先进生产基地,为全球广大用户提供优质的减速机,WATT电机,WATT齿轮箱,WATT变速箱。产品特点:创新的电机系统、减少齿向间隙、高效率、节约安装成本、模块系统、降低维护成本、精巧的结构、超强扭矩传送、低噪音。奥地利瓦特watt公司欧洲原产电机减速机0.2kw-90kw, 超强扭力!

WATT MAS Modular Drive System MAS: Watt Drive offers a complete program of electric, electronic and mechanical drive technology both in the form of individual units or as a complete drive system. We offer perfectly coordinated standard products! By expanding on top of our modular gear system we are able to meet the highest demands of our customers with the most modern motor and inverter technologies. Our special tooth formation and surface finish guarantee the highest bearing capacity resulting in smaller gear wheels at the same torque. In this manner smaller gear units are possible with an excellent power spectrum.Watt Drive geared motors really are spectacular! The modular drive system MAS constitutes: ?Drive System from Watt Brain Power, gear units, motors and electonic drives ?Modular Drive Electronics with frequency inverters for open loop, sensorless vector, closed loop, torque and position control as well as various bus systems. ?Modular Motor Systems including system motors and servomotors based on modular design concepts that can be simply tuned to meet the needs of the customer. ?Modular Gear System in particular for servo drive systems, low backlash, quiet, compact We realize our customers?individual requests! The innovative Watt gear and motor systems enable individual customer solutions at the highest quality that are quickly available. You receive a one-stop drive system solution that meets all the demands required of drive technology. A wide range of services, competent advice, engineering, project scheduling, project management, setting up operations and support complete our extensive offerings

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