MINI 01 D/C Nr:5107线性致动器

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    上海智川工贸有限公司优惠供应德国FRAMO电机、FRAMO减速机,FRAMO驱动器,FRAMO蜗轮蜗杆等进口产品。Framo Morat视自己为一个咨询公司,使其补充生产自动化的服务咨询工程师。基于多年的经验,我们的公司是一个合格的伙伴,通过从驱动器的概念设计、工程、原型,通过大规模的生产。参与我们的项目开发团队在概念阶段创建最佳的条件为项目的成功发展。由于高水平的垂直整合,Framo Morat结合知识一个
    Gear Technology
With a modern machine park and years of experience we provide solutions for complex machining tasks. From unmachined part to machining before heat treating, hardening and machining after heat treating, we provide a one-stop shop to customer specification, whether externally and internally geared, spur toothed, helical cut or crowned.
    Worm Gear Sets
Here Framo Morat provides both a standard line and customized solutions. The latter obviously gain in importance. With more than 60 million worm gear sets produced since 1953, Framo Morat is one of Europe's market leaders. Framo Morat designs and manufactures, as required, from steel, bronze, fabric-base laminate or plastics in diameters of 20 to 250 mm and center distances of axes of 17 to 125 mm.
Drive Systems
The drive systems consist of slip-on geared motors, linear actuators and rigid chains which are individually customized to the customer's case of application according to a modular principle.
In addition, we provide drive solutions that are designed and built according to the customer's requirements. At Framo Morat these custom designs and products are assuming an increasingly greater significance. Framo Morat's project development team accompanies the customer from the initial inquiry through to the delivery of a technically and commercially well-engineered concept for mass production.

线性致动器 MINI 01 D/C Nr:5107
线性致动器 MINI 01 D/C Nr:5107
电机 Mini Enviro Tec 1 W/A 3500-2,5-150 型号:8-2010-ET01
电机 Mini Enviro Tec 1 W/A 3500-2,5-150 型号:8-2010-ET01
电机 MINI 01K - 2525
电机 MINI 01K - 2525
电机 MINI2(8-2020-00.00)D/D
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电机 8-2001-ET01 Mini Enviro Tec 01 W/A 1000-1,5-100
电机 8-2000-ET01(8-2000-K升级)

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